About Copenhagen Spin-Outs

Collaboration between research, industry and investors

Copenhagen Spin-outs is a collaboration between the academic research environment and industry with a focus on innovation and commercialisation of biotech research in the capital region area. In the project we will focus on strenthening the collaboration between universities, research parks and investors to speed up the effort to promote the good ideas from the research institutions and turn them into sustainable biotech companies. The spin-outs will work within the areas of MedTech, Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals as well as Industrial biotech and Food.

Copenhagen Spin-outs run from 2012- March 2015, and is funded with 20 million DKK from EU Regional Fund, 8 million DKK from the Captal Regions Growth Forum and 12 million DKK from the partners.

The funding from the EU Regional Fund and the Growth Forum expired in March 2015. The project partners have decided to continue the project with the same name and organisation.